JACKSON TWP.   Jackson High School was a buzz with performing and visual artists and campers last week. Students from grades kindergarten through seventh were participating in this year’s Musical Theatre Camp and art camp hosted by the Jackson School for the Arts (JSA).

The camps have become highly popular often selling out by March. The campers come in to the camp to learn about musical theatre or visual arts and by week’s end they are performing on stage to a live audience.

This year’s musical performance was Disney’s "The Lion King, Kids." More than 70 kids participated along with 20 JSA student interns.

A few of the main characters were played by the following campers:

Mufasa: Miles Vaughn

Sarabi: Addison Walsh

Young Simba: Harrison Belden

Simba: Dominic Abbott

Young Nala: Marina Scalise

Nala: Samantha Ryan

Scar: Katelyn Reindel

Susie Gardner is the JSA arts director, Stefanie Abbott Fatzinger is the theatre/artistic director, Jennifer Vaughn is music director, Carl Palmer is technical director and D. Paul Skidmore is assistant technical director.

The goal of the summer Musical Theatre Camp is to share in the process of creating a theatrical production, introduces students to the study of a variety of theatre terms and techniques, experience the collaborative nature of theatre, choreography, vocal music and to make a connection between the world of theater and a host of other subjects of study.

The visual arts campers presented an art show of their work before the play began. Bridget Williams is the artist in residence for Jackson’s elementary schools and was the artist in residence for the camp.

"We had 60 students in visual arts camp this year who learned a number of painting techniques and worked with a variety of mediums," Williams said. "All of the campers’ art work relate to 'The Lion King, Kids.' We even took a trip to the Akron Zoo to paint the lions. The final class was held today and campers participated in the art show so their parents and people from the community could see the great works they completed this last week."