A 35-year-old Coventry Township woman is facing multiple charges for allegedly assaulting a 10-month old who she was watching for a friend.

Audrey D. Hunt was arrested Tuesday on charges of interference of custody (fourth-degree felony), child endangering (first-degree misdemeanor) and assault (first-degree misdemeanor).

Hunt allegedly offered to watch a friend's 10-month-old baby May 2 "for a few hours," according to a news release from the Summit County Sheriff's Office. However, it is reported that the mother of the child repeatedly called Hunt later that day to have the baby returned to her. Hunt, according to reports, indicated she would return the baby the following morning.

On May 3, around 7 p.m., after repeated attempts to contact Hunt, the baby's mother got a ride at went to Hunt's home to get her child back, according to reports. Upon arrival, the mother noticed injuries to her baby's face and arms. She then took the child to Akron Children's Hospital for an examination, where it was determined the injuries were consisten with physical abuse.

Hunt was booked into the Summit County Jail.