HARTVILLE  Springfield High School honored its Top 25 students at a banquet in early May at Hartville Kitchen.

Each students is honored at the banquet and, in turn, honors their inspirational educator.

To open the program, Senior and Top 25 student Ali Karas gave a student appreciation before the dinner.

Superintendent Chuck Sincere congratulated the Top 25 and said the influential educators, "have made a huge impact on the students that are in this room today."

Principal Shaun Morgan told students that it is quite an accomplishment to be recognized for their academic accomplishments and that they have earned the privilege of honoring one of their most influential educators. He acknowledged the parents in their efforts to raise such wonderful sons and daughters.

"I know it takes a lot of love, discipline, tears and money," he said. "Educators, what a wonderful statement it is that they have selected to honor you tonight. This is one of my favorite events of the year and I look forward to hearing your future plans."

Morgan inspired the students, parents and educators with a few thoughts he shared about life. A song, "Dear Younger Me,"  inspired those thoughts. He said that his thoughts were the best thing he could share with the students, since they are a part of him as Spartans.

He took out a $20 bill and asked if the students would like to have it. He then said, "What if I did this?" He rolled it up in a ball and asked if they still wanted it. He dropped it on the floor, ground it in the floor with his shoe and asked if they still wanted it - they did. His point was that no matter what happens to the money, the students still wanted the it.

"You knew it still had value," he said. "You are infinite worth, no matter what happens to you in life."

Morgan explained that bad things were going to happen because it is part of how life is designed. He said as he reflects on his own life part of him wants to avoid all those hurts.

"But I wouldn't be here right now if I hadn't gone through them," he said. "This is my message. Stand firm, seek help, don't run, don't quit, it is adversity that shapes your character, it solidifies your resolve, it truly shapes who you are."

Morgan asked the question: A Spartan's sword and shield, is it forged in fire or in a field of flowers?

"You know the answer, it is in a fire, so is a Spartan, you are formed through the troubles and the adversity," he said. "You have had a great upbringing, you have had great success here. The trouble is comin'. I hate to be a downer, but it is true, but you are going to be fine, you are a Spartan. Remember you are going to be fine, you are infinite worth, the troubles will pass."

Each student was introduced with their accomplishments and future endeavors. The students introduced their influential educators.

Morgan read comments from the students thanking their parents for what they did help make them top 25.

To see all of the students and their influential educators watch the two part video on Spectrum Cable Channel 15 or digital 97-204.