On May 22, police were called to a Fulton Drive drugstore to investigate a fraudulent prescription. The pharmacist said she received a call to fill a prescription for a new patient. A short time later, a call came in from a woman who identified herself as the new patient. She provided the pharmacist with a name, address and birth date. About an hour or so later, a man came in and picked up the prescription. The pharmacist later learned the prescription and patient were both fake.

A Canton man, 50, was charged with theft and criminal trespass May 22 after police said he left a Cleveland Avenue supermarket with nearly $300 worth of meat products concealed in a gym bag. He had been banned from the store in January for a similar incident.

A Westbury Avenue woman told police May 22 that someone stole five valium tablets from a prescription bottle in her bathroom.

Police responded to a call from an Inn Circle hotel May 22 about a man under the influence yelling outside the building. Officers located a 26-year-old man walking around the building with only one shoe on, yelling. He told officers he couldn’t find his room. He was found in possession of marijuana, charged with a misdemeanor and released to his father.

A Massillon woman reported her cellphone was stolen while she was at a Strip Avenue Northwest store May 22.

A Florida man, 36, was charged May 21 with disorderly conduct. Police said after becoming heavily intoxicated at a bar inside an Everhard Road hotel, he used offensive language and tried to pick fights with other patrons.

A North Canton woman, 27, was charged May 21 with criminal damaging. Police said she was observed using a key or wire brush to scratch the front end and hood of a car parked at a Whipple Avenue physical fitness center. The car belongs to the woman’s ex-boyfriend’s current girlfriend.

An Alaska man, 42, was charged May 21 with disorderly conduct by intoxication. Police and EMS were called to a Dressler Road bar after the man reportedly fell off a stool and struck his head on the floor. The man later told police he had a drinking problem and heart issues.

On May 20, a Parsons Court Circle man told police someone used his debit card information to make four separate purchases in Florida.

A Canton woman reported her wallet was stolen after she accidentally left it on a counter at a Whipple Avenue gas station May 20.

Police were trying to identify a man and woman who reportedly used a counterfeit $100 bill to purchase merchandise at a Mega Street department store on May 19.

A Seymour Street woman reported May 19 that someone tried to break into her car by prying on the rear driver side window. Some damage was reported but no entry was gained.

An employee at an Inn Circle hotel called police May 19 after he observed a man pull into the parking lot with a pickup truck and then get out and start running. It was later determined the vehicle had been reported stolen in Canton.

Someone threw a brick through the window of a construction excavator parked at a job site on Strausser Street Northwest May 19. A $500 radio was reported taken.

Police said a man swapped a counterfeit $100 bill for a real one after receiving a refund at a Mega Street department store on May 19. According to the report, the man slipped a $100 counterfeit bill into his cash refund and told the cashier she had given him a fake bill. The cashier exchanged the bogus bill for a real one.

On May 18, a Milmont Street woman reported someone used her credit card information to charge over $2,000 in purchases.

An Amvale Avenue woman, 18, was charged May 16 with domestic violence, criminal damaging and child endangering. Police said she repeatedly hit the father of her child while he was holding their 8-month old son. During the argument, she threw an ottoman down a hallway and punched the wall, damaging an electrical outlet, police said.

A Margaret Street Northwest woman, 33, was arrested at her home May 16 on warrants charging her with domestic violence/menacing and telecommunications harassment. She was released to Marlboro Township police.

A Traphagen Street Northwest man, 21, was charged May 16 with criminal damaging. Police said he threw a woman’s cellphone on the ground during an argument. He was issued a court summons and released.