GREEN  Members of Girl Scout Troop 90176 and their families recently had a chance to see the birdhouses they created during a tour of Green's Central Administrative Building.

The tour, led by Green Mayor Gerard Neugebauer, gave the girls a chance to ask questions and see the mayor’s office. One of the birdhouses created hangs outside the window of the mayor's office.

Neugebauer said the project allowed for a neat experience to learn about birds.

The project originated as a part of Neugebauer’s Project Tangerine Volunteer Imitative. Last fall, the girls visited the F.A. Seiberling Nature Realm in Summit County Metro Parks to learn more about bird sanctuaries. The girls selected a native bird, the Tufted Titmouse, researched its habits and habitat, and designed and created a birdhouse specifically for it. Following the research, they constructed and decorated 14 birdhouses. In addition to the one at the Central Administration Building, there is one in Central Park and 12 in Southgate Park.

During the tour of the Central Administration Building, the mayor showed the girls each of the departments and where council meets. He also talked about why the building isn’t called city hall. The Central Administration Building has been open eight years and is home to offices for the city and the schools.

Neugebauer said this is only the beginning of the birdhouse project as more are expected to be constructed so senior citizens can bird watch in the parks.

"This is something great for the community," Neugebauer said. "It gets people into our parks."