LAKEMORE  Village Council approved a $5 increase in the municipal motor vehicle license fee during the May 1 meeting.

The annual license, which is for any motor vehicle that operates on public highways, will be increased beginning Jan. 2, 2018. The dollars received will be used for roads in the village.

Water tower update

Pride was showing as Mayor Rick Justice said, "How about that water tower?"

Justice was referring to the tallest tower that was recently painted and refurbished.

"It really looks great coming down Canton Road and seeing the new school and the water tower up on the hill," he said. "It just kind of expands the campus. I love it."

The village has been working on the $217,000 project for three years and the inside is completely painted. There is a new mixing system which helps the water stay more consistent and utilize the chemicals better. The colors of the exterior match the high school colors to show community support.

"I hope that students, teachers and everybody that works at the school look up there and see that "S" and know the community is behind them," said Justice. "That is really why we did it to show we love this community, care about this community, the students and the teachers."

Justice thanked the Iron Grill for helping to raise the money to put the "S" on the tower.

Residents speak out

Speaking before council were residents Edna Peteya and Judith Keister, who were upset over a situation regarding an garage that has been built that they say does not meet with regulations. They say people are there working on cars at 2 a.m. and the situation has been going on "way too long."

Peteya said the village is losing good people because they are moving away, adding that she can't open her windows anymore and the residents' hands are tied.

Keister said that on May 15, 2013, the village won a judgment that the partially constructed garage on Hilbish was to come down because it violates zoning laws and is a public nuisance. Four years later, it is still standing. She said the money spent on police calls and past and future court costs could better be spent on village improvements. Keister also said that she is embarrassed to live in a village where the rights of all citizens are not of equal value.

Justice said he cannot comment on the situation because all legal matters are not complete.

In other business:

- Three ordinances were read for the second time for the positions of police patrolman, sergeant and administrative assistant.

- A resolution, second read, to create compensation for Chief Ken Ray.

- A resolution, first read, to adopt the 2017-18 county's memorandum of understanding for job creation and retention.  

- A resolution, first read, to appoint Chief C.C. Bitner as a volunteer driver for the fire department.


- On May 21 at 4 p.m. a first responders honor painting party will be held by the Lakemore Lions Club at Painting With a Twist on Massillon Road. The cost is $50 and includes two hours of painting lessons, taking home the painting and BBQ following the painting. A portion of the proceeds will go toward the purchase of a bullet proof vest for the police department.

- The fire department will be holding a pancake breakfast on Memorial Day morning (May 29), donations only. The parade will step off at 1 p.m. from the Lakemore Plaza.