A nearby office worker, Jacqueline Wagner, called for help and was glad to get a happy outcome.

NORTH CANTON  This mama duck got an early Mother's Day present.

All 13 of her ducklings trapped under a parking lot storm sewer grate were rescued thanks to employees at Northeast Professional Home Care and city police officers.

Jacqueline Wagner walked out of her office at 1177 S. Main Street at 5 p.m. Monday and noticed the mother and one baby acting strange around the grate.

"The closer I got, she started coming after me," Wagner said. "So i knew there had to be more" ducklings that were stuck below.

She called a non-emergency police line and the dispatcher sent over some help, Wagner said. 

By the time they arrived, the remaining duckling was also trapped with its siblings.

Three police officers were able to pry the grate and rescue the trapped baby ducks. Once freed, the mother and all 13 waddled away.

"I was pretty impressed with the officers. ... they took care of it," Wagner said.