GREEN  The city of Green wants its residents to be more involved in the community and support local events and businesses.

The 25th Anniversary Silver Coin Challenge, which began May 1, has 25 different activities for residents to take part in throughout the spring and summer. Cards can be picked up at the Central Administration Building front desk, 1755 Town Park Blvd., or downloaded from the city’s website.

Much like Bingo, those participating need to complete one row or column (five spaces) in order to turn the card in and receive a commemorative coin. The challenge is all on the honor system, but encourages people to attend city events, parks, businesses, council meetings and to recycle.

Mayor Gerard Neugebauer issued an additional challenge to those participating that if all 25 activities on the card are completed, participants can take park in a pancake breakfast. The time, date and location have not been determined yet.

Families are encouraged to take part in the challenge, which runs through August.

"The idea is to bring people to city events," City of Green Communications Coordinator Valerie Wolford said. "It is also a way to showcase what the city does for its residents."

Councilman Justin Speight said the idea was a collaboration between him, Wolford and Council Clerk Molly Kapeluck. A lot of planning went into what kind of coin to use and what it would look like, Speight said, and the card allows for a wide variety of activities throughout the city.

"It is a great way to get residents out to more events," Speight said.

Those who complete the challenge can either drop off their card at the Central Administration Building or mail it to the city. Coins can be mailed to residents or they can have their coin presented to them at 7 p.m. Aug. 31 at the Green Community Hall in Central Park in conjunction with Get the Scoop event city council holds each year.

Speight likes the idea of presenting the coins to residents and said he looks forward to the opportunity.