Green Local School district students earned high praise in competing with 19 other districts in the Greater Canton Council of Teachers of Mathematics Math Tournament in March at Massillon Washington High School.

Forty four Green students in grades 5-7 competed in categories such as Number Sense, Algebra/Data Analysis/Probability, Geometry/Measurement, Mental Computation, Team Problem Solving and Advanced Algebra.  The purpose of this competition is to provide students with an opportunity to meet and come to know their counterparts in other schools and gain recognition on a much broader basis than is possible within the confines of our individual school districts.

The Green "math athletes" who finished within the top eight were:

7th graders: Jason Weber (2nd) and Zack Oddo (4th), Mental Computation; Delanie Hallock (3rd) and Kaityln Luzier (5th), Geometry; Emma Ludrosky (2nd), Carmen Sims (3rd) and Miranda Walker (6th), Algebra Probability; and the team of Shareen Awadallah, Lauren Groen and Rachel Prithard (5th) in Team Problem Solving. 

6th graders: Caden Bahry (2nd), Brenton Ujhazy (5th) and Amy Lin (7th) in Mental Computation; Alexa Renner (4th) in Geometry; Laney Mikes (4th) in Algebra Probability; Alex Berlyoung (4th) and Dennis Butts (5th) in Number Sense; and the 3rd place team of Aaryan Qureshi, Sophia Futo and Julia Foringer in Team Problem Solving.

5th graders: Nathan Steenwyk (5th) and Sarah Joseph (7th) in Mental Computation; Edgar San Jose (3rd) and Luke Ludrosky (7th) in Geometry; Noah Burke (7th) and Addy Padgett (8th) in Algebra Probability; and the 3rd place team of Ian McFedries, Haley Hilgert and Maddux Hurley in Team Problem Solving.

Other math athletes competing included Garrett Dennis, Shreeya Kaur, Joel McFedries, Julianna Garza, Henry Liebmann, Ayden Stuckey, Ben Pine, Nikola Rnjak, Sofia Hunt, Andrew Lindsey, Jack Cerone, McKenna Henry, Lola Carr, Elissa Wood, Nina Summers and Nathan Steenwyk.