Get wild and get outside and enjoy the animals and nature at this fun-filled unique weekend for people of all ages.

It is the 16th Annual Mohican Wildlife Weekend and is a celebration of wildlife habitat, heritage and natural history. It takes place in nine sites that are not far from home in Ashland, Richland and Crawford counties.

Whether you are an experienced naturalist or a beginner, the Mohican Wildlife Weekend features workshops for everyone.

Learn about bird and bat habitats, fly-fishing and much more outdoor fun. The theme for this year is "Ohio's Pollinators," which particularly timely and supported by a variety of local environmental educational groups that are buzzing about raising awareness about the importance of bees and, especially the honeybees, to the health and vibrancy of our food system.

You have probably swatted and sprayed and cursed at the buzzing little pests while trying to have a picnic or outside party, but they are the unsung heroes behind large amount of the world’s produce supply. Pollinators, such as birds and bats, as well as the bees, are very important to growing and sustaining at least one third of the global crop production.

Efforts to increase awareness go beyond Mohican Wildlife Weekend. Shoppers may find signage in area grocery store produce sections. The signs highlight the importance of pollinators to our food.

Visitors can attend workshops that include birding boat tours, photographing birds, nature crafts, wagon tours, bat and owl demonstrations, fly fishing demonstrations and much more. Registration is not required. However, nature seekers may find some programs have limited space and are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Tickets must be purchased for the birding boat tours.

There is a welcome reception April 28 from 6 to 7 p.m. at the Mohican Outdoor School, 5373 Bunker Hill Road, Butler. Program Director Denise Ellsworth will discuss gardening for pollinators.

Some of the other things to do include Queen Bee Puppetry, a professional puppet show, a nature oriented scavenger hunt, wildflower hike, advanced birding, butterfly banquet, hummingbird hike, Hemlock Falls hike, hands on animals and how to plant a pollinator garden.

Programs will be located at Gorman Nature Center, Malabar Farm State Park, Mohican State Park and Lodge, Wolf Creek Grist Mill, Ohio Bird Sanctuary, Mohican Outdoor School, Pleasant Hill Lake Park, Charles Mill Lake Park and Lowe-Volk Nature Center. Addresses and a program schedule is available at