While many people go to the dentist for regular cleanings and exams or visit their general physician regularly, most only visit the eye doctor when they notice a change in their vision. Eye problems can be silent offering little or no symptoms. Waiting for symptoms to appear can cause serious results including loss of vision.

The professionals a Kaster Eye Clinic on Massillon Road in Green know the importance of good eye health and quality, consistent eye exams.

"There are many ways to take care of your eyes such as getting a regular exam," said Brad P. Kaster, optometrist. "The general rule of eye health is to maintain a good diet with the thought that what’s good for your heart is also good for your eyes. We can diagnose and treat a number of eye problems such as binocular vision disorders and eye diseases. It all starts with a comprehensive eye exam."

Kaster offers several suggestions for taking care of your eyes such as:

- Intaking a lot of antioxidants - Kaster said this is a good practice for any age to help prevent eye disease

- Using UV protection for your eyes to prevent cataracts and macular degeneration

- For dry eyes, Kaster recommends holding a warm compress on your eyes in the evening for two to four minutes.

- Taking a multivitamin made from a whole foods base.

For those working at a computer screen for long periods of time, Kaster said the 20-20-20 rule applies – every 20 minutes look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds, this helps relieve the eye muscles by focusing on a distant object. It also helps to rewet the eyes as most individuals blink half the normal rate while staring at a computer screen.

Kaster often recommends getting job specific glasses especially for those who work at a computer full-time. Kaster adjusts the prescription to focus at an intermediate range. He typically uses BluTech lens material to block the harmful bandwidith of blue light that’s emitted from a computer monitor. He said it really helps to keep the eyes relaxed and in focus. 

Kaster Eye Clinic serves patients aged four years old and up. Kaster said that many young children can struggle to read and comprehend even with 20/20 vision.

"If you see your child using their finger to trace the line when they are reading or they get headaches from reading, they may be experiencing a vision problem. We can help diagnose such conditions and suggest ways to improve the issue," Kaster said.

The Clinic promotes eye health with a number of specialized services including optomap that can be a part of your comprehensive eye exam. The optomap ultra-wide digital retinal imaging device helps you and your eye doctor make informed and important decisions about your eye health and overall well-being.

Another service patients can find at Kaster Eye Clinic is ComforTint, soft contact lenses.

"We have a second business called K & K Labs designer of the ComforTint contact lens tint," Kaster said. "They are soft contact lenses for those patients who suffer from severe photophobia with or without migraines. Our professionals make the ComforTint fitting process as easy as possible for our patients. We also have sport tints for those who need glare protections while doing activities like sports that’s non-conducive to eyewear."

Kaster Eye Clinic offers a beautiful showroom with a wide variety of frames for any type of lens. The Clinic holds a Trunk Show once a quarter, where various eyewear vendors bring in a selection of new or upcoming frames. There are always purchasing incentives offered during the show, such as pulling discount card worth up to 100 percent off of a frame.

"In addition to all the vital eyecare services we offer, when people call us they get a live person on the line instead of a machine or off-site call center," Kaster said. "Our customer service is excellent and our patients become like family to our team of professionals. Plus, the kids love to watch the model train that runs on a track in our ceiling rafters."