GREEN  After completion of financial audits on Ohio schools, Portage Lakes Career Center (PLCC) and Treasurer Christopher Wright were awarded the prestigious Auditor of State Award.

The award indicates the school had a "clean" audit. Wright said he was pleased to announce that PLCC received its fourth consecutive Auditor of State award.

In a letter sent from Ohio Auditor Dave Yost to Wright, it stated that the career center received the award for clean and accurate record-keeping. Yost stated that record-keeping "is the foundation for good government and the taxpayers can take pride in your commitment and accountability."

The mission of PLCC is to develop life-long learners with the skills, expertise and knowledge needed for career and college success. Wright credited the success to the staff of the school and their attention to details and their hard work.

"This mission can only be pursued with the support of our local communities," Wright said. "Demonstrating financial responsibility and accountability are essential to developing and maintaining the trust of our local communities and stakeholders."

The letter stated that the award is given to "those entities that file timely financial reports in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), as well as receive a "clean" audit report. The "clean" audit report means that your financial audit did not contain findings for recovery, material citations, material weaknesses, significant deficiencies, single audit findings or any questioned costs.

"In our view, clean audit results are the clearest indicator we can provide that PLCC values the resources provided by the local communities, and that the entire organization is on board with our high standards of accountability," said Wright.

Wight said school officials take their fiduciary responsibility very seriously, and it continues to show in the annual audit results, adding that it takes an entire organization to produce such results.

"They are attained when there is an organization-wide awareness and focus on responsibility and accountability," he said.

Only 280 of the 1,093 school districts in Ohio received the Auditor of State Award.