With new openings such as the Twisted Olive and ACME, the City of Green has seen much change in the past few months.

With new openings such as the Twisted Olive and ACME, the City of Green has seen much change in the past few months. Now, residents can see another new addition, a studio dedicated to meditation and mindfulness.

Now open, Just Be, LLC., a Meditation, Mindfulness and Wellness company, has begun holding classes in its revitalized space off state Route 619 in the Kruger Shopping Plaza.

“This is going to be such a perk for the city of Green,” said founder and chief executive officer Eden Kozlowski. “These practices are scientifically documented to help with so many physical and mental challenges and will give our city numerous unique and inventive ways to ease stress, promote well-being and increase health and vitality.”

Not only has mediation been proven to help manage stress, it also assists with medical challenges such as high blood pressure, diabetes, insomnia, fibromyalgia and Alzheimer's. It also increases one's sense of purpose, happiness and compassion.

Next door to the new studio is the Lil' Yoga Shop, where owner Jennifer Klinect holds a variety of yoga classes. Community members can now come to this area for yoga, meditation, as well as other therapies and workshops.

“Jennifer and I are working together to create a relaxation hot spot. Our space will also include a therapy room which will offer massage, reflexology, Reiki and Bowen therapy, which is acupuncture without the needles,” said Kozlowski. “And, we plan to offer additional workshops that promote well-being (through) nutrition classes, weight-loss sessions, and meditation classes specifically to ease post traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, addiction and classes to help parents of children with special needs.”

Both the Lil' Yoga Shop and the meditation studio will support local artists by showcasing their art and products.

To celebrate the opening of the new studio, Kozlowski and Klinect will be holding a “De-Stress Expo” on April 26. The expo will include free yoga classes, meditation sessions and health discussions. It will also feature health experts like Allison Williams, a Bowen therapist and Mary Vatilla, a reflexology and massage therapist. All ages are invited and encouraged to attend.

To learn more about Just Be visit the website at justbemeditation.com or read about Kozlowski's work on the The Huffington Post.

Contact Eden Kozlowski at 330-958-3853 or email her at JustBeInformation@gmail.com.