In the midst of our 21st-century world of coffee-induced productivity, everything is a question of “How fast can you get things done?” and “How great at multi-tasking are you?”

In the midst of our 21st-century world of coffee-induced productivity, everything is a question of “How fast can you get things done?” and “How great at multi-tasking are you?”

As we delve into this world, our stress levels increase, forcing us to detach from ourselves and the people around us, creating a whirlpool of health and social problem.

But, you may want to take a breather on this one, because Eden Kozlowski, founder of Just Be LLC, offers some luring advice that may tempt you into finally hitting pause.

“Most of the time you’re in the past or you’re in the future and if you’re not in the moment, you’re not in your life,” said Kozlowski. “This affects the people around us because we’re not connected and my belief is that human beings crave connection.”

Kozlowski, a 15-year meditator, says taking the time to listen to your body and bond with it can have profound effects on all aspects of your health and life.

“The joke in my community is that if meditation and mindfulness could be a drug, that it would be a multimillion dollar seller because it works with everything,” said Kozlowski. “You can look at studies. It works with anxiety, depression, weight issues, bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder and it enhances creativity and productivity. There is literally nothing else that can do all of that.”

Over the past nine years as an instructor, Kozlowski has dedicated her time to helping a variety of people treat all types of illnesses and social problems through meditation and her company Just Be.

Kozlowski has also proven that meditation can be a powerful tool in the work place through her experience with Anthony Lancianese, president of ClearPath, a Home, Health and Hospice Center. Lancianese says that although the company is always attempting to cut unnecessary costs, mediation proved to be a great investment.

“Over the course of two months, we watched as some of the employees changed from being quiet, reserved or simply not ‘convinced’ that mindfulness was worthwhile, to embracing the program,” said Lancianese. “We even joke about some of the [lessons] we learned during the course. For example, trying to focus on the task at hand instead of multitasking.”

After the two-month program, Lancianese said many of his employees incorporated the tips Kozlowski offered into their everyday routine, creating a more upbeat, engaged and productive workforce. A “meditation room” was even incorporated into the office to give employees a quiet place to sit.

Aside from this, the bulk of Kozlowski’s business is with people who suffer from an array of disorders and social problems. One client by the name of Sarah Fanelly was able to dramatically lower her blood pressure in five weeks by learning to how to manage her stress levels.  Kozlowski says that meditation increases the formation of nitric oxide which opens up the blood vessels and lows high blood pressure.

“After five weeks of class, I went to my doctor and my blood pressure was 126/80,” said Fanelly. “Meditation is a journey and I am sure my blood pressure will not always be perfect, but I feel like I now have some tools to help myself in stressful situations.”

Another client by the name of Jennifer Dolly approached Kozlowski for her binge eating disorder. Since taking classes, Dolly has lost 85 pounds.

“I had developed the eating disorder as a way to comfort myself from a young age, so it’s something I have been dealing with my whole life,” said Dolly. “I am (now) able to feel my feelings, sit with them and express them in a healthy way. (Kozlowski) has helped me find self love.”

Although Kozlowski has worked with other adults to tackle problems such as grief and anxiety, she says she especially loves working with teenagers and kids because they’re at such a unique part of their lives. She mentions that nearly 80,000 children and young people suffer from severe depression.

“I think [teenagers] these days have tons of challenges, challenges that we don’t even know about,” said Kozlowski. “To watch them do this work and within working watch them just start to ease and [see] their faces lighten up is incredible.”

One of Just Be’s teen clients, Tommy Bacher, was able to tackle his social anxiety through Kozlowki’s help.

“I had so often had a fear of contact with those who I didn’t quite know or trust that I would simply recede from contact altogether,” Bacher said. “But Eden showed me, through (meditation), that I truly didn’t mind the contact and that sometimes it’s nice to have a helping hand to release some of your worries.”

At the end of the 2013-2014 school year, Kozlowski visited Springfield High School and led a one-hour, after-school meditation class with students and teachers. English teacher Peggy Gannon who took the initiative to start a meditation group so that students and staff could unwind at the end of the day invited her.

Some of Just Be’s clients include Akron Children’s Hospital, Goodyear Tire, ClearPath/Home Health & Hospice, Case Elementary School, Akron Torchbearers and the Green YMCA.

Kozlowski teaches corporate classes, classes on specific concepts such as weight loss, mindful again, chronic depression, group classes for kids, families and schools, weekly classes for deeper meditation as well as retreats and private sessions.

She has written for the Huffington Post for over a year and can be reached at or 330-958-3853. Her website is and includes upcoming class information.

She can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.