A project that initially was presented in March 2011 may have new life.

A project that initially was presented in March 2011 may have new life.

Plans recently were presented for a joint commercial and residential venture along Massillon Road. The project would cover 23.42 acre on the east side of Massillon Road south of Graybill Road and north of Town Park Boulevard. Commercial space, if approved, will be built on 11.5 acres and be called The Grove. Residential development will be built on 12 acres and be named The Grove Villas of Green.

This project is a slight change from the original plan, as the new project would allow for 180 two-bedroom apartments. The initial plan called for 48 town homes.

"City Council will have to confirm the modifications, and then site plans will need to be developed and reviewed," Green Planning Director Wayne Wiethe said. "The commercial portion is consistent with what the city would like to see along the frontage of Massillon Road."

The commercial complex will feature a 8,500-square-foot restaurant and a 42,000-square-foot, three-story restaurant/office building. A third building with a drive-though will create the retail and office space.

The Grove will feature 14,000 square feet of retail space, 70,000 square feet of office space, 14,000 square feet for medical buildings and 22,500 square feet of restaurant space.

Residential housing will consist of six three-story apartment buildings. One-bedroom units are planned for 75 percent of the gated community. The remaining units will be two bedrooms. Parking would include detached garages for 140 vehicles.

Cindy Williams, of Green Project Development Company, said there are very few vacant office spaces, fine-dining restaurants and openings for apartments in the city.

"I couldn't get fine-dining restaurants in 2011 because there weren't enough liquor licenses," Williams said. "Now the entertainment district that was created has opened this up for us."

Access to the development will be from the public roadway that would replace Burgess Drive. New roads will be constructed to connect the development to Graybill Road to the north. The intersection point at Graybill Road will need additional planning, as it also will be the intersection of access to Heritage Crossing (Acme plaza) to the north.

"When we deal with companies that are looking to locate in the community, they need to be able to draw young talent to their company, many of these younger people are not ready to invest in a single-family home," Wiethe said.

Construction on this project could begin as early as this fall and be completed by late 2015 or early 2016.