The Portage Lakes Career Center Board of Education set the table for the year ahead at its January meeting.

Treasurer Christopher Wright administrated the oath of office to board members beginning new terms. David Andrews, representing Coventry schools, was elected president and Bob Campbell, representing Green schools, was elected vice president.

Other returning board members are Mary Lou Dodson, Springfield, and Robert Wohlgamuth, Coventry. New members are Mark Conner, Coventry; Jack Daniels, Manchester; Mark Herdlick, Green; Ron Robinson, Manchester; and Glenn Wieland, Springfield.

The board decided to meet at 6 p.m. on the third Thursday of each month at the school.

Wohlgamuth was appointed legislative liaison for the Ohio School Board Association. Mark Herdlick was appointed as student achievement liaison.

The consent calendar was approved. It gives the superintendent and treasurer the ability to approve, pay bills and proceed with the business of the school.

Superintendent Ben Moore welcomed the board members, and they introduced themselves giving a brief background.

Moore thanked the school boards and the district superintendents for all they have gone through to make sure the PLCC board is compliant with the new state legislation. "I know you all took somewhat different strategies on how you appointed your members and it may not have necessary followed the strategy we had laid out for you," said Moore.

He asked for all the documentation of appointments from each district's board as well as resumes for all current board members. "They will be kept on file just to show this board is in compliance," Moore said. The law changed for vocational school boards. It states board candidates are to be qualified to consider the state's workforce needs with an understanding of the skills, training and education needed for future employment opportunities in the state.

Wright said there had been no fiscal surprises so far, and things were on track. He explained they were in the process of filling out a report for the tax budget. "When we set up appropriations we cannot set them above the estimated tax revenue," Wright said. He said they were slightly over 2 mills, which means if a resident has a $200,000 house he or she would be paying a little more than $144 annually to support the career center.

Principal Mike Kaschak reported it is the time of year that all eligible seniors are put on placement. "Placement opportunity is an option, but we believe it is very valuable." He noted that January and February are busy months due to 10th-grade visitations and career evening for students and parents. Students also are involved in a variety of competitions at this time of year.

The board also accepted a donation of turnout coats, bunker pants and boots from the Coventry Fire Department.

UP NEXT Meets 6 p.m. Feb. 20 at the school.