You'll have to forgive Coventry girls bowling coach Aaron Rose if he's a bit irked with winter vacations.

You'll have to forgive Aaron Rose if he's a bit irked with winter vacations.

It's not that the Coventry girls bowling coach resents those escaping Ohio for warmer temperatures during the winter months; he's simply seen his team suffer three of its four losses while key players were out of town.

Through their first 11 matches, the Comets posted a 7-4 record. Rose pointed to a line of demarcation for his team between the matches they have played with a full roster and those they have competed in minus their top competitors.

"We are 7-1 when I have my full team. We had two of our top four bowlers go on vacation, which cost us three matches," Rose said.

When their full roster is together, the Comets are a formidable foe. Senior Karlee Evans (204 scoring average), junior Kayla Jackson (185), sophomore Haley Boatwright (178) and freshman Kailee Evans (172.5) are all capable of leading the team in scoring on a given night and that depth at the top of the lineup makes a substantial impact when the quartet are together on the lanes.

" I would say our success comes from the quality bowlers we have. I have four girls that can easily shoot over 200 when they on," Rose said. "We are averaging 2,269 (pins) as a team when everyone is there and 2,000 when they are not."

When all four are in the lineup, Coventry can typically bank on at least two of them having a good night.

Karlee Evans, the team's senior leader, has been the team's most consistent bowler. When Evans went on vacation over winter break, the Comets struggled and Jackson did her best to step in and lead the team. Boatwright and Kailee Evans have also stepped forward to lead the team at various points this season in pursuit of a Portage Trail Conference title.

Two conference losses have dampened those hopes a bit, but Rose and his team have hope that they can still reach their goal with a solid end to the season.

"The first goal of the season was to win the PTC Championship. We are still trying to win the PTC championship, but losing a couple of matches during the season is making that goal a little bit more difficult," Rose said. "I believe it is still possible, but we have to win out and win the conference tournament."

Reaching the state tournament is the team's top goal and it's a mark their coach believes is possible despite a close loss to Kent Roosevelt last week. It was the Comets' first loss with their full team together. Overcoming that setback and reaching their potential hinges on two primary factors for the Comets, according to Rose.

"The ultimate goal this year is to make it to states. The girls definitely have the potential...(but) first, no more vacations," Rose said. "I need to have everyone there. The real success will come from being consistent and making our spares."