Mayor Rick Justice swore in Village Council members for 2014 during an organizational meeting on Jan. 13.

Mayor Rick Justice swore in Village Council members for 2014 during an organizational meeting on Jan. 13.

Tom Wolfe and Laura Cochran return to council. Richard Cole and Josh Timko are newly elected. Cochran will serve as council's president. Others nominated for the position were Tom Wolfe and Chad Lance.

Council also recognized Shirley Davis for her work at the food bank at Lakemore Methodist Church. Justice said it is hard to find people who want to get involved in the community and noted that Davis has dedicated 21 years to coordinate the food bank. Justice read a certificate from the Springfield trustees applauding her efforts. He also read a certificate from Village Council and presented both to her.

"Shirley has been a real blessing in the life of our church and community," said the Rev. Jeff Gindlesberger, pastor. He said Davis really cares for people.

In other business, Justice commended Gene Taylor and the road crew for their hard work.

"The weather has been so extreme dealing with all kinds of weather-related issues," Justice said. He said the crew has three members, and they have been plowing around the clock and working on water-main breaks. Justice said David Banks was sprayed with water while working on a water-main break, and it was so cold, his clothes were frozen solid.

"These guys are doing a great job," Justice said.

Justice also reminded residents about the Regional Income Tax Agency tax and to let employers know if they are Lakemore residents. He said residents also should let the license bureau know they are from Lakemore because the village receives money for each license.

"That helps us out quite a bit for our roads," Justice said.

Fire Chief Barry Saley said the village was awarded a $255,400 SAFER grant for staffing.

"It will replace firefighters we have lost due to budget cuts," Saley said. The grant does not require matching funds.

"We will be able to rehire the full-time position we lost in 2011 due to budget cuts and also with reduced revenues this year, we were looking at a reduction of force of some of our part-time hours," Saley said. "This grant will allow us to maintain that part-time staffing." jgiampietro 1/16/14 He said the department will be able to take a step forward in providing the current service level in the village.

"We will move forward," Saley said. "The village has been hurting quite bad. We have been hit pretty hard as a village income-tax wise, and this was a timely grant that allowed us to move forward. We appreciate all the support from our legislators — we thank them."

Justice said Saley has been writing grants for the village since 2005 and has brought in more than $1 million. "I commend you for that," Justice said.

Saley also reminded residents that last year the village's Insurance Service Office rating became a 4, and residents should contact their homeowner's insurer to see if they can obtain a reduction in rates.

Council also:

- Authorized Justice to enter into contract with the Summit County Combined General Health District. The district will monitor the storm water pollution and/or enforcement of regulations prohibiting illicit discharges to the municipal separate storm sewer system.

- Adopted final draft of the Solid Waste Management Plan for the Summit-Akron Solid Waste Management Authority.

- Allowed Justice to enter into an agreement with Brouse McDowell for legal services pertaining to current litigation and zoning violations.

- Increased the monthly salary of Zoning Inspector John Berringer to $240.