After years of preparation and anticipation, the new Springfield High School and Junior High complex is finally here.

Editor's note: Hannah Jordan is a junior at Springfield High School. She recorded her thoughts on the first day in the district's new high school building from a student's point of view.

After years of preparation and anticipation, the new Springfield High School and Junior High complex is finally here.

Students and faculty alike are ecstatic to be a part of this advancement for the community.

The first day for classes in the new building was Jan. 8, following a day off due to weather. Excitement was high for the first day for both students and teachers.

"I'm very happy with how much Springfield, as a whole, is advancing," junior Kyle Stevenson said. "We are coming very far and I can't wait until all the kinks are worked out so that next year will be just that much better."

Sophomore Brenyn Conrad agreed and in the short amount of time the school has been open, Conrad has already developed a favorite spot.

"The cafeteria is so open and modern," Conrad said. "My favorite part of the day is kicking back at lunch with my friends and enjoying some down time in the beautiful cafeteria."

One of the greatest advances the new building offers is its technology. Each classroom of the building has a Smart Board, which facilitates a more interactive learning experience.

The technology also extends to the inner workings of the building. Many things in the new school are automatic. Several students walked into the bathrooms and were frightened by the motion-triggered lights flipping on. One of the most talked-about automatic features in the new building is the heating and cooling system.

In the old building, the heaters didn't function properly and the school fluctuated between extremely hot and frigid. Now, the building will be kept at a constant, comfortable temperature.

Another noticeable change is the increased focus on security. To enter the building after 7:30 a.m., individuals must be buzzed in. Once inside, they must enter the office first before they are allowed into the school, rather than being buzzed in and able to freely walk around the building, as they were able to do in the old high school.

There are also cameras throughout the school, making it easy to monitor the building.

The architecture of the school is absolutely beautiful. The breathtaking rotunda and main staircase both drew plenty of positive feedback and many students noted how spacious and clean the cafeteria is. In the old building, the cafeteria floors, along with other spots in the school, were beginning to cave in. The floors now are fresh, clean and beautiful.

The gymnasium another impressive aspect of the facility. Student-athletes are extremely excited to play and practice on the sleek new court.

"The new gym is beautiful and attracts the attention of old and new fans. I believe it will really help raise our school spirit," senior basketball player Makayla Pigott said.

One small detail that means a lot to the students and faculty of Springfield is having new windows. Many windows in the old building didn't open and close. If it was hot, students and teachers dealt with it as best they could. Some teachers, like Jodi Burgess, didn't even have windows in their rooms.

Although it has been hard for some of the students and faculty to leave the old building, overall there is a sense of moving forward.

"It was sad to leave the building I have been a part of for more than 30 years, but I am excited to be a part of this wonderful gift from our community to the students. The future is bright because we will build new, fond memories here," teacher Bill Burkett said.

Many memories were made in the previous school and none will be forgotten. However, everyone now has a place to make new memories and friends and have the education they deserve.