MAIN ACTION Summit County Detective Larry Brown gave an update on the shooting at 3941 Mayfair Road at Briarwood Estates on Jan. 6.

There were 15 rounds fired from an AK-47 and 12 rounds fired from a handgun. Seven cars and four apartments were hit in that shooting. Witnesses reported a 2010 to 2014 silver Hyundai Elantra with tinted windows, front passenger bumper damage and blue interior lights was seen fleeing the scene at a high rate of speed, southbound onto Mayfair Road.

Brown said a 28-year-old man was shot in the right shoulder and left leg and was taken to Akron City Hospital. He said the man was the target of the shooting. A 21-year-old black woman was arrested at Briarwood Estates for obstructing official business and was transported to Summit County Jail.

"At this time no Briarwood Estate residents are suspected of being involved in the shooting. It appears to be an outside gang-related incident," Brown said. Brown also said that anybody who might come into

contact with this vehicle and its occupants should consider the occupants to be armed and dangerous and should contact 911.

At this time there are no suspects and it is not known if there was more than one shooter.

Other Action

• After several months of discussion, council voted approved the right-of-way issue at the Berna Road/Time. It affects abutting property owners Brian Fitzgibbon, Dave Strittmatter and Sharon Wright, and Sarah, Robert Jr. and Susan Schutte. The property owners have not been able to come to an agreement regarding 25 feet of the western portion of the right of way and who would own and be responsible for that property.

The resolution does not vacate the road, it allows the Schutte family to obtain a permit to put in a driveway within the right of way, to the rear of Fitzgibbons driveway. The city then would be required to provide and maintain gravel on the 20-to-24-foot-wide road from the back of the Fitzgibbon driveway to Berna Road.

• Heard a presentation from Highway Maintenance Deputy Service Director Paul Oberdorfer regarding flooding issue corrections at state Route 619 and Spade Road. Installed was a bridge, solar-powered water gates and a solar-powered detention system.

• Income Tax Administrator David Hartsook said fourth-quarter tax collections for 2013 were $4,496,949. Tax collections for 2013 were $19.56 million, a 2.5 percent increase from 2012.

• Council approved the mayoral appointments of Jim Mercer, reappointed to a five-year term on the Board of Zoning Appeals, Josh Maximovich to the Board of Zoning appeals until 2016, and Robert Chordar for a five-year term on the Planning and Zoning Commission.

• Council approved John Dodovich to the Design Review Board for 2014 and Judi Christy to the Historic Preservation Commission for 2014.

• Public hearing was held regarding the rezoning classification of 60 acres of land at 1745 Koons Road from PD-1 (planned development) to R-1 (single-family residential). Council will vote on the rezoning at its next meeting.

• Public hearing was held regarding changes to the Land Development Code. Council will vote on it at its next meeting.

• The Historic Preservation Commission still has a vacancy. Interested residents should contact the clerk of council at 330-896-6604.

Up Next Meets Feb. 11 at 7 at the Central Administraiton Building, 1755 Town Park Blvd.