MAIN ACTION Geoff Westerfield from the Division of Wildlife gave a PowerPoint presentation regarding mute swans on Portage Lakes.

Westerfield explained that the swans are considered an invasive species; they are not native to Ohio. They were brought to this area from Europe. The swans are aggressive with other birds and people and they destroy vegetation.

No one owns the swans, so they fall under the responsibility of the Division of Wildlife, whose goal toward invasive species is complete removal of the species. "Get rid of them all, because if you don't get rid of them all, they will reproduce," Westerfield said.

The Division of Wildlife has counted between 12 to 15 mute swans on Portage Lakes.

Other Action

• Agreed to ask the Summit County Engineer's Department to help develop finished plans for the Cottage Grove Subdivision drainage improvements. The township applied for a 2013 Community Development Block Grant requesting $175,000 to help with flooding issues at Cosmos Avenue and Killian Road. The application was approved, and $50,000 of the request could be awarded. The amount awarded will be used for construction costs.

• Approved $5,000 for the 2014 Juvenile Diversion Program.

• Approved $8,000 for repairs on the 2008 Work Star International Dump Truck by Rush Truck Center.

• Went into an executive session to discuss an employee's workers' compensation matter. No action was taken after the session ended.

UP NEXT Meets Feb. 13 at 7 p.m. at the town hall.