Artist Pam Neff said she had a heyday creating pieces for her show tonight at the Buzzbin Art & Music Shop.

Artist Pam Neff said she had a heyday creating pieces for her show tonight at the Buzzbin Art & Music Shop.

"It was literally anything goes," she said. Sort of ironic considering the event is titled "Organized Sound."

Neff's work, ranging from photography and digital media to actual pieces constructed from anything musical will be on display from 6 to 9 p.m. Neff also features a selection of 10 pieces called "Name That Tune," where each work is based on the title of a song. Music for the show will be provided by DJ Zero %.

"I could've stayed in this mood forever," Neff said. "Every time I hear a song I think of another possibility."

A prize will be awarded to the first person who can guess all 10 pieces. Neff encourages all patrons to get involved in the show.

"I think this is the crowd for this sort of thing," she said. "Each piece or pieces represents a decade from the '50s to today."

Neff has also constructed some of her work using parts of pianos, vinyl records and other musical instruments.

"Everything is music themed, yet it's not all the same medium," she said. "It was a lot of fun to come up with."

Neff's show is tonight's highlight, but she's no newcomer to the art scene. She's had a space at 2nd April Galerie & Studios in Canton's Art District for nearly six years.

For "Organized Sound," Neff said she had every musical instrument in her house sprawled out across the floor.

"I took photos from every possible angle you could imagine," she said. "There's a beauty to it, and to so many aspects of music."

Neff also is a teaching artist at Tuslaw Middle School, Faircrest Middle School and Perry High School. She comes up with projects that fit in with each based on their curriculum. Her main goal to her students is simple — inspire.

"That's all I ever strive to do," she said. "I just want to inspire and encourage them through any kind of creative process. I want to give them the encouragement to take what they're doing a little further. And it works both ways. If they take their work to another level or later stick with it in some way shape or form, it's inspirational for me as well."