Former Stark County Sheriff Timothy Swanson and parents in North Canton should be ashamed for their actions. The meaning of "bully" is "one who is habitually cruel to others weaker than himself."

Swanson flexed his muscles in trying to get his hand-picked man in office. Twice he has done this. The Democratic Party has stood up and stated no. Now Swanson is trying to bully the Stark County commissioners into paying his lawyer fees ("County won't pay Swanson's legal bills," Jan 2). He didn't ask them in advance.

The North Canton community was just bullied by an act of so-called parents in changing the place of graduation ("Moving graduation: North Canton's shift from church called best option," Dec. 27). The school board failed. They need to learn that a building doesn't make a church. It's the people who come together with the same belief that meet together.

I'm willing to bet that the child of this couple who objected to use of the church is totally embarrassed by their action. They should step forward so that the community can thank them.