Akron-Canton Airport continued to see fewer passengers in October, primarily because of the loss of Frontier Airlines service.

The downward trend in passengers using Akron-Canton Airport continued in October.

The airport has seen passenger use drop 5.3 percent this year, primarily because of the loss of two Frontier Airlines flights. So far this year more than 1.44 million passengers have used commercial flights at Akron-Canton compared with 1.52 million in 2012.

In October, 145,066 passengers used Akron-Canton, down 9.2 percent from the 159,679 passengers in October 2012. Frontier carried 17,779 in October 2012, and the airport saw 14,613 fewer passengers this October.

Airport operations continued to post gains, with 9,151 people using the airport, up 14.7 percent from 7,981 people in October 2012.

Six airlines now offer 33 flights from Akron-Canton, while seven airlines offered 34 flights last year.