Three major media outlets have been sent defective PS4's ahead of the Nov. 15 launch date.

Sony did not send retail versions of the PS4 to the media until the very last minute. There may have been a reason for that. Retail versions of the PS4 sent to Kotaku, IGN and now Forbes have encountered serious problems.

Sony has released a statement claiming that only a “handful” ( of early users are experiencing problems. That would be all well and good except that only a handful of systems are in the wild right now. It could be an isolated incident but the fact that it seems to be the same issue in every case is concerning. It looks as though the HDMI port has failed in all three case

These are the types of issues Marcus Beer tried to warn everybody about two weeks ago in his Annoyed Gamer segment on GameTrailers. Beer and Adam Sessler of Rev3Games both seemed concerned over how Sony was limiting media access to the console just a few short weeks before launch. Both men were subjected to vile personal attacks on forums and twitter from Sony fans. I don't understand why gamers feel the need to become unpaid public relations experts for a massive corporation like Sony but for whatever reason they do. Maybe next time you should listen to the message instead of shooting the messenger. Sessler and Beer weren't campaigning for a free console as internet message boards often suggested. They were doing their job. A job by the way that benefits everybody reading this blog. While it may be fashionable to hate gaming journalists they serve a useful role for consumers as watch dogs. If the PS4 does indeed end up having widespread problems with the HDMI port wouldn't you have liked to have known about that sooner than 24 hours before the console launches? I certainly would have. I believe guys like Sessler and Beer have the industry and subsequently your best interests at heart. The amount of people willing to put blind trust in these giant corporations surprises me. If one of these consoles is going to be a $400 or $500 brick I want to know and so should you.

Over the next few days we are going to find out how widespread the HDMI port issue is. It could be a small issue or it could be a big one. It is an issue that early adopters should follow closely. Either way I think the online videogame community should take a collective breath and stop talking for a minute. Listen for a change. Let the facts come out and stop demonizing people for telling you what they see and not what you want to hear. Don't rush to judgment or attack somebody because they report bad news. Let the story play out one way or another without the unnecessary anger. I'm picking my PS4 up tonight. I'll give you my impressions tomorrow.