My Review of the The Wolf Among Us Chapter One: Faith on the X-Box 360

Telltale Games is back with a new series of episodic games after wowing audiences with the first season of The Walking Dead last year. Telltale stays in the world of comic books with its newest effort The Wolf Among Us.

The Wolf Among Us is based on the Vertigo (a DC imprint for mature readers) series Fables. The series is written by Bill Willingham and focuses on a group of classic fairy tale figures that have been exiled from their home worlds and dropped into New York City. The Wolf Among Us revolves around The Big Bad Wolf who now goes by Bigby. Bigby is the sheriff of Fabletown and is tasked with keeping order and investigating crimes for the Fables community despite his sordid past as a villain.

The concept sounds strange but works incredibly well in the first chapter. I don’t want to spoil any of the story but it is dark, seedy and visually enjoyable.

Bigby is a great character who is well voiced. His struggles with how the community views him because of his past are interesting. You get the sense that this is a character that is trying to do the right thing but is only a push or shove away from starting to revert to his more animalistic nature.

His assistant for much of the chapter is Snow (Snow White). Snow is likable and is very much the heart of the first chapter. Snow is primarily a social worker in the real world. Her struggles with helping the displaced Fables deal with the harsh social and economic realities of the new world they now find themselves in gives her a very unique perspective on things. You learn very quickly that this is not a happy Disney-like interpretation of these characters.

I really liked the art direction of the first chapter. Thick black lines and bright colors are found throughout the chapter. I generally don’t like the use of neon colors but it is used to great effect here. It gives the run down neighborhoods a grimy feel to see the numerous neon signs flashing.

Telltale also hasn’t forgotten how to end a chapter. Things ended with a bang and left me wanting to see more of the world and its characters. If you were someone who was worried about the Walking Dead being some sort of fluke I can assure you that that is not the case at all. The talented people over at Telltale seem to be able to craft a great story no matter what property they are working with. If you are curious at all about this first chapter I think you should give it a chance. The first chapter is three hours long and is priced at a very reasonable $5. I think you should buy it now.