Cleveland woman compiles "You’re Gonna Laugh" joke books.

To enjoy the books compiled by Cleveland-area author Sandy Rozelman, it helps if you like to laugh.

One of the compilations is entitled “You’re Gonna Laugh: Over 700 of the Funniest Internet Jokes Ever.”

“The mother of three unruly young boys was asked whether or not she’d have children if she could do it all over again,” one of the jokes goes. “ ‘Sure,’ she answered. ‘Just not the same ones.’ ”

Another in her “You’re Gonna Laugh” series is “Politics Is A Joke,” carrying the subtitle “Warning: Content is Politically Incorrect.”

• “I don’t approve of political jokes. I’ve seen too many of them get elected.”

• “Democracy means that anyone can grow up to be president, and anyone who doesn’t grow up can be vice president.”

Rozelman also compiled “Who Said Jews Aren’t Funny?” for the “You’re Gonna Laugh” series. That book includes “Over 350 0f the Funniest Jewish Jokes Ever,” which she collected over two decades.

Rozelman, a wife and mother of three and grandmother of four, is a collector of frogs, maker of chocolate candy, knitter for charity, and puzzle and game lover in her retired life. She also sings and writes poetry, but in her spare time, she compiles jokes for books.

A fourth book in her humor series, “You’re Gonna Laugh Your Tail Off,” is “coming soon,” according to a promotional note at

OK, one more Internet joke, from the first “You’re Gonna Laugh” book.

A judge asks a prisoner in court about the charge against him.

“Doing my Christmas shopping early,” he replies.

The judge says “That’s no offense. How early were you doing this shopping?”

“Before the store opened.”

We should “Laugh a little each day,” Rozelman wrote in one of her books. “It’s better than chicken soup. At least that’s what the chickens say.”


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