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  • A brand new restaurant, the Jackson Hole, opened July 8. The restaurant is located at 5562 Wales Avenue. The owners are Bill and Anita Lostetter and their son Allen Lostetter. 

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  • A brand new restaurant, the Jackson Hole, opened July 8. The restaurant is located at 5562 Wales Avenue. The owners are Bill and Anita Lostetter and their son Allen Lostetter.
    The Lostetters’ goal is to create a family-friendly restaurant in the Jackson area. Anita explained the atmosphere they want the Jackson Hole to have, “A family oriented place, a place that you could bring the whole family, reasonable prices, good food, a variety of food and hopefully we will get to know everyone that comes in and know their names and that they come back over and over.” Bill added, “It’s a full service restaurant with a family type atmosphere.”
    The Jackson Hole features athletes, band members and children’s school pictures along on a restaurant wall. The restaurant also has two flat screens televisions for people to enjoy whatever sporting event is aired when they are dining at the Jackson Hole.
    The Jackson Hole offers a unique challenge - a 12-egg cheese omelet for anyone to tackle. It’s called the “belly buster challenge.” The “challenger” picks two ingredients for the omelet and it also comes with home fries and two pancakes. The “challenger” has 45 minutes (and they will be timed with an egg-timer) to eat the entire entrée by themselves. If they win the challenge they will get it for free along with a T-Shirt and their name and photo on the “Belly Buster Hall of Fame” wall.
    The Jackson Hole serves breakfast all day long. The menu will feature pizza, pasta, subs, chicken, salad, steak, fish, pork, homemade meatloaf, soups, muffins, cookies and breads.
    The Jackson Hole has 60 employees with two executive chef’s on hand, Joseph Ford and Robert Kuntzman.
    Anita said their new employees are a very diverse group of people. Two of the employees were former Hoover employees, one with 32 years with Hoover and the other employee with 34 years.
    Bill said he is grateful some of his employees have desired to work at the Jackson Hole, “I’ve had people call me after we’ve hired them and thanked us for owning this place and giving them a chance for a job, for giving them an opportunity.”
    Allen added they have one new employee who comes in to help them set up and has refused to take payment for her time. “She has helped us get this place ready and won’t accept payment.” The employees name is Leslee Kaufman.
    Bill added, “I tried to pay her last week and she will not take it. She threw it back at me. She said ‘I was told to be here’. She was sent here. That’s her mission and she is a non-stop cleaning machine!”
    One of the biggest challenges the Lostetters face in opening the Jackson Hole is the current economy.
    Page 2 of 2 - “It’s hard times,” said Anita. “He’s put a lot of people to work by opening this and just hopefully the economy will support it.”
    Another challenge Allen explained is the responsibility of the whole restaurant.
    “We aren’t a corporate chain, this is not a cookie cutter restaurant where they have already done this a thousand times,” said Allen. “We are making our own play book.”
    The Jackson Hole restaurant’s business hours are Monday through Friday 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.
    For more information contact The Jackson Hole at 330- 837-3890.

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